How Jürg Conzett and Gianfranco Bronzini Work

John Hill
14. June 2022
Gianfranco Bronzini (left) and Jürg Conzett. (Photo: Screenshot)

Conzett and Bronzini were named recipients of the Prix Meret Oppenheim 2022 — alongside painter Caroline Bachmann and artist Klodin Erb — in April, when only a trailer for the official short film was made available. The nearly six-minute film, released yesterday, captures the two engineers working in their studio but also speaking about their work at the site of one of their projects: a mountain lookout with angled balconies that face in different directions. It's a small wooden structure perched on a rock and capped by a roof; it is humble, but also a sign of how the pair finds solutions that are appropriate yet unexpected, regardless of size and typology.

Film Credits:
Film by Prix Meret Oppenheim in collaboration with Terrain Vague
Images:  Bastien Bösiger, Marie-Eve Hildbrand
Editing: Christine Brunner
Mixing: Jérôme Cuendet
Calibration: Jean-Baptiste Perrin
Translation: Sophie Laessle, Isabelle Plouïdy Ueltschi, Janna Wiprächtiger
Music: Lucie Mauch

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