'The Existential Quest of Figuring Things Out'

John Hill
31. January 2023
Photo: Screenshot

Although The Architects does not make an appearance or solicit a mention in Marc-Christoph Wagner's interview with Siegel at her Brooklyn studio, architecture is an occasional subject of her work, be it in Quarry (2015), about the movement of marble from quarries in Vermont to high-end showrooms in Manhattan, or The Silence, a two-part video installation (pictured above) that premiered at ArkDes last year and featured performances within the St. Mark's and St. Peter's churches designed by Sigurd Lewerentz.

"I’m extremely invested in the existential quest of figuring things out. The world presents itself to us very partially and almost in a psychotic way at times. The revealing of what is actually going on and the things that we do not see — the unspoken things or the hidden things or the behind-the-scenes circulation of things that create the structures that determine our environments — are extremely interesting to me."

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