House in Sannou

Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Brown galvalume roof covers white pedestal and gray box.
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
A front garden enjoyed also by passenger.
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
The breeze pass through to the back of the site
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
The parent's speace has barrier-free floors and a raised and lowered ceiling.
Photo © Kensuke Aisaka
The 1st floor bedroom and living room with terrace and the greenery .
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
A small garden next to the bath room
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Stairs connecting both households and circulation flow line
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Ginkgo and Cherry can be seen from the 2nd floor east.
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
A borrowed scenery of the bamboo forest from the living room window
Picture © Shigeo Ogawa
Living room has open ceiling from the 2nd to the 3rd floor
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Rooftop terrace installable a tarps in summer
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Night view
Photo © Shigeo Ogawa
Aisaka Architects Atelier
Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Unconstrained parent-child symbiosis through borrowed scenery and cross sections

A three-storey wooden two-family house for a single mother and her family of four daughters. The main ideas were to secure lighting, ventilation and views in a densely populated area, to enable two households of different ages and tastes to live together in harmony, and to realise these within a limited budget.
Outside, three gardens and a terrace with a view of Mt Fuji are arranged, while inside, the large green area created by the high-rise residential building behind the geese line is borrowed while avoiding the sight lines of each other.
In the cross-section, the parent household, which has a barrier-free floor with varying ceiling heights, and the child household, which utilises the difference in height for storage and a sense of openness, swap living rooms with each other, securing the maximum volume of the entire building within the strict oblique lines.
The two households' respective looped lines of flow can be connected or separated by a storage staircase, allowing for flexible future use.

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