Sophienruhe Hermitage

Arlesheim, Switzerland
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Photo © Tom Bisig
Flubacher Nyfeler Partner Architekten
Arlesheim, Switzerland
Verein „Freunde der Ermitage“

After 75 years, the Ermitage has its Sophienruhe again.

In the 18th century, garden buildings were important architectural elements that turned a landscape garden into a complete work of art. The beauty and harmony of garden structures was of central importance, designed to give walkers a clear view of the garden and the surrounding landscape.

The covered seating not only provided functional protection from the wind, rain and sun, but also served an aesthetic purpose. The Sophienruhe, hut of solitude, built in 1812 as an element of the garden design, was a place of rest and retreat and offered visitors a wonderful view of the Birseck castle hill in Arlesheim, countryside of Basel in Switzerland.

The former pavillion stood by the path behind the pond until 1947 and, following the fashion of the time, had the form of a neoclassical temple.

The new Sophienruhe

As there are hardly any documents or records of the historic Sophienruhe, the contemporary pavillion is a new construction inspired by historical images.

Located in the same place, on the south bank of the pond, the garden building once again functions as a lookout and retreat and invites visitors to relax and linger.

The simple wooden structure forms a sheltered retreat, through which the path treads into the woods, unchanged. Leaning against the forest embankment, the stone bench with Barbara Groher's inscription reads "In silence, listen to what the inner voice says".

It invites you to rest and linger.

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