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In line with this belief, which applies for the entire lifespan of a property, the objective behind our work is always to create buildings that are self-confident in appearance and make a positive impression in terms of design, scale, and choice of materials. Our approach is defined by the standard we constantly seek to uphold: architecture that is durable rather than fashionable. After all, good proportions are the result of good ideas rather than high construction costs. Our architecture preserves the identity of a place and attachment to it. We regard spaces as complex links between a wide range of facilities, which we arrange and design. For us, high design quality is an inseparable part of finding the right solution. In our work we assume responsibility; for our clients, for our planning and project partners, and for our employees. Our architecture is always the result of close collaboration with our clients; our work rests on a bedrock of trust and reliability.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany