Phillips Plastics Molding Facility

Phillips, WI, アメリカ
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
図面 © Krueck + Sexton
写真 © Mariusz Mizera
Krueck Sexton Partners
Phillips, WI, アメリカ

Good Design is Good Business, 2001
Business Week/Architectural Record Magazine

Honor Award, 2000
AIA Chicago Chapter

Designed for a leader in plastic molding technology, this manufacturing facility unifies office and factory in a horizontal and transparent space, receiving. The facility received the prestigious “Good Design is Good Business” award, a qualitative and quantitative metrics-based award, for the way in which it fostered company culture, encourage innovation and teamwork, and provided for employee satisfaction.

The building is sited to minimize removal of trees and to take maximum advantage of exceptional panoramic views. Because of an extensive use of glass, all employees can enjoy these views from every location in the facility. Careful consideration is given to quality of light, especially during the long winter season. Sunlight is controlled with overhangs, fritted glass and native plantings, eliminating fatigue-producing glare and reducing energy use. inside, an acoustic glass wall is the only element between manufacturing and administration, preserving connectivity and openness.


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